Love Stories

Love courses through everything. 

~ Fakhruddin Iraqui, 

   Persian Sufi (1213-1289)

Happy Valentine's Day!  When was the last time you told your love story? Whether you are reminiscing about the details, living in the passionate throes or dreaming of your future love story, tell it today.

Below is my ever-evolving love story. Now I just need to get Maira Kalman to illustrate it.


Once upon a time there was a green-eyed American girl who met a blue-eyed British-Canadian boy at a sculpture park. She had the heart of a poet and he had the mind of a genius. They fell instantly in love. They both liked to have adventures and they decided it would be even more fun to have adventures together.  


They popped champagne in Paris, sailed to Antarctica, strolled Kyoto's gardens, snorkeled in the Caribbean, and rode funiculars in Valparaiso. They feasted on truffles in Cortona, climbed Mayan temples, trekked in Patagonia, danced in Montevideo, explored Angkor Wat and rendezvoused in Bilbao.
It was even more fun having adventures together. 
They went swimming in Phu Quoq, birding in Greenland, camping in Yellowstone, beach-combing in Guadeloupe and storm-watching in Tofino. They held hands in Istanbul, skied down Whistler, road-tripped to Santa Fe, walked under moonlight at Iquazu Falls and kissed in Kailua. 
Between adventures, they lived in a treehouse high above a blue heron rookery on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. They had a son who loved trains. Then they had a baby daughter who smiled and cooed all day. They moved to a 100-year-old house full of sunlight with a creek running by. They filled their home with books and laughter, cooked delicious things and swung on their porch swing. They played all day with their son and his trains while the baby smiled and cooed...
...and they lived happily ever after.
Sarah Burns