The Only Obligation


Today is the 2nd Anniversary of Shine Memoirs. Looking back, I marvel at how full these past two years have been. Full of stories and love and babies and family and friends and adventures and so much joy. My heart continues to expand. As I celebrate today, I feel so lucky that I have this special place to share moments with all you far-flung family and friends. Thank you for joining me on this ride, thank you for being part of this community.

Along with creating, collecting and celebrating life stories, this blog has evolved into a meditation on mindfulness, listening and poetry. As Rumi says below, "The world is new, and you / have been chosen to say this poem." That means you and you and you. "The only obligation is to walk through the meadow / and look."

The Only Obligation

A narcissus sprouts through the ground.
Our souls, having pastured all night
on jasmine, leap up for the dawn.

The world is new, and you
have been chosen to say this poem,
because you are the one

with the love bites on you.

Your love has brought us to this silence,
where the only obligation
is to walk slowly through a meadow
and look

~ Rumi

Sarah Burns