Spring Equinox

photo by proud daddy, Matthew Burns

photo by proud daddy, Matthew Burns

Spring is here and what better way to celebrate than hanging out with a baby new in the world, budding along with the trees. I am so in love with my new niece Anouk. I wrote a little celebratory poem after she was born just five weeks ago, when I couldn't contain my happiness. I still can't contain my happiness. Why would anyone want to contain their happiness? She's here! It's spring!


For Anouk


You are 24 hours old,

seven pounds of pure pink joy.

A full snow moon,

a lunar eclipse

plus a festive green comet

all light up the sky tonight

celebrating your arrival.


We have all been yearning

for you. Your newness

helps us remember

the optimism and innocence

we ourselves once had –

still might have.


Little bridge to heaven,

you remind us all

from whence we came

and how miraculous

this all is



meaning the air

you now breathe

so naturally like us,

23,040 times

in and out

every day


and this,

meaning the hummingbird

darting nonchalantly outside

my window in February

drinking sweetness from plants

as you drink milk

from your mother,

nourishment at the ready


and this, this!

meaning this tiny tangerine

to peel and eat slowly

slice by sweet slice

the bright tang,

the jubilant color;

yet another treat from

nature’s vast abundance.


and this,

meaning my two strong legs

propelling me through the park

today, these legs that can leap

and run as you will learn to do.



meaning you, itty

bitty goddess, here

now in your mother’s arms

after growing


inside her body.



little marvel,

remind us to recognize

heaven all around.

Sarah Burns