A Gallery of Poetry Broadsides

National Poetry Month is almost here and to celebrate this year, I'll be sharing some favorite poetry broadsides from my collection. I'll post a photograph of one each day in April here and on social media. Someday I will frame them all and hang them together on a big beautiful white wall with museum lighting to showcase them properly. But this, now, makes me happy to share them all with you in a more immediate way.

Often printed to commemorate an author reading event, a book store anniversary or the launch of a new book, these poems were lovingly handset the old-fashioned way and rolled through a printing press, often numbered as a limited set. A few are autographed and two I even created myself at the School for Visual Concepts here in Seattle. Many were made at Copper Canyon Press, one of my favorite poetry publishers. I've found them at readings, at antiquarian book fairs, in new and used book stores. I think you'll agree with me they are beautiful.

As a little teaser, I want to share this postcard "How to Live Your Poem" that showed up in my mailbox one day from my friend Irene Latham, a florilegium of lines from poetry you may recognize or may want to go seek out. Such a delight and what good reminders. 

Happy almost-April!

Sarah Burns