Summer Solstice

"Summer afternoon...summer afternoon...the two most beautiful words in the English language."

~ Henry James


Going through some papers, I came across this poem I wrote for Georgia a year ago today. You can see my inspiration in the photo below. 


Summer Solstice

          ~ For Georgia


You, little sun,

twenty months old today

on this brightest day of the year.

Sunbeam dressed in a yellow dress

hand knit by someone

you’ve never met

who loves you.


You are sunlight personified,

spinning slowly, clapping your hands

up and down,

hip jutting out as you twirl

as if at a hoe-down.


Already a connoisseur of shoes,

mothering your babydolls,

playing Star Wars with your brother.

Tiny grown up miss.

I revolve around you

warming myself

as you light up the world.



luminous child

bedazzling us all.

Calling across the street,

waving night-night to the neighbors,

blowing kisses.


New words coming every day







A rare occurrence,

this full moon on the solstice.

An extraordinary moment in this life

full of special moments,

if we can just pause to notice.


Today the sun stands still.

Will you, my baby,

just for a moment?


Then –

I go!

spinning off again,

in your red patent leather

baby shoes,



After a full revolution of the sun, she is now 2 1/2 (red patent leather shoes outgrown, but not the dress).

May we all go barefoot most of the summer. Happy summertime!

Sarah Burns