To Give To The Light

Pregnancy and Motherhood is like being the poem, like the word made flesh. 

~ Carol Ann Duffy


Maternity, Pablo Picasso


The Concept

To Give to the Light is a commonplace book of poetry, quotes, literary fragments and personal journal excerpts on pregnancy and motherhood. This inspiring collage of wisdom from poets, artists and writers shares how birth and motherhood changed them, awed them, moved them and opened their hearts. Offered in conjunction with a guided companion journal to be sold separately.


What is a Commonplace Book?

noun:  a book into which notable extracts from other works are copied for personal use; a way to compile knowledge; a literary collage. From antiquity to the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century, notable writers such as Erasmus, Seneca, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Woolf, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and Mark Twain have all kept commonplace books.


The Title

“To Give to the Light” is the literal translation from the Italian dare alla luce and the Spanish dar a luz, meaning “to give birth.”


About the Book

Poetry, literature and art inspire and deepen life experience. Of all life experiences for women, motherhood is one of the most intense and transformative. To Give to the Light is an artfully-curated commonplace book brimming with poems, quotes, morsels of wisdom and personal journal excerpts; a celebratory literary companion for pregnant women and new mothers as they are transformed in their own body, in their family, in their community.

Throughout the author’s life she has collected quotes, poems, and literary snippets for her journals, so when she first became pregnant she began to search for meaningful written accounts about this magical yet, oh-so-common event that innumerable women have experienced. She didn’t want to read the dry and fear-inducing What to Expect When You are Expecting; she wanted to read poetry. She craved to learn from writers how birth and motherhood changed them, awed them, moved them, opened – and sometimes broke - their hearts. She yearned for initiation into the tribe of mothers. She wanted to write down all the details; she wanted to remember.

The result of her search is this distilled and intimate collection of wisdom. The author shares her personal transformation into a mother and the texture of a time that can be bleary, intense, joyful and exhausting. Self-reflective and vulnerable at times, she invites readers to join her in a mindful space to be inspired, delighted, connected and recognized. Originally shared with her close sisterhood of friends and family, she now wants to share it with a wider readership. To Give to the Light is not a how-to manual for birth; it is a celebration for a community of fellow and ever-evolving mothers.


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