I am a woman giving birth to myself.  

- Anonymous


Sarah Elizabeth Burns

reader, writer, anthologist

Sarah Burns is a writer, reader and literary curator. She has been gathering poetry, quotes and literary fragments to create commonplace books since she was a young girl. The first thing she would grab in a fire, these collections form the base of her identity as a reader, writer and anthologist.

Throughout her journey and evolution as a mother, Sarah has paid attention, taken notes, written poems and read widely. Like so many women, Sarah experienced great loss when her first pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage. She went on to give birth to two healthy children, all the time searching for meaning and beauty throughout the transformative journey of creating, growing, birthing and raising kids.

In addition to writing and mothering children, Sarah has 20 years experience in travel & hospitality with organizations like National Geographic Expeditions, Starquest Expeditions, and Outstanding in the Field. A polar explorer, Sarah spent four seasons guiding in Antarctica and the Arctic with One Ocean Expeditions where she hosted regular poetry evenings on Russian ice-breakers, drawing the unlikeliest of passengers into a warm circle of reciting and remembering favorite poems.

Sarah studied at Boston College and the University of Montana, where she received her BA in History. She currently lives in Seattle, WA with her husband and two children.